​Dylan Larkin and Steve Ott photo bombed a 4 year old fan’s picture with a smile

On Sunday, during the preseason game against Chicago Blackhawks, the Almas family was already feeling very lucky for getting the seats to the Detroit Red Wings through a family friend. But the luck was not over, as they experienced more happiness later.
Shannon Almas was positioning her 4-year-old daughter, Lylah, next to the Red Wings’ for a picture and she took one. Later, she and her husband, Cary, noticed in the picture that the two players Dylan Larkin and Steve Ott had looked in the camera and smiled right at the time the picture was being clicked. They were definitely posing for the picture with their sweet smiles.

Shannon Almas told NHL.com:

“I think they just noticed we were taking it and once one of them looked, they both looked. We were like ‘Oh my gosh!’ when we looked back at the pictures. ‘They’re literally both smiling!’”

The Red Wings shared the photo on their social media accounts which has got over 17,000 likes on Instagram:

Shannon Almas said:

“She was obviously really excited when she saw it, but I don’t think she realizes at her age how exciting it was. I kept telling her, ‘You’re famous! You don’t care that you’re famous?’ and she’s like ‘Yeah, I don’t care.’ My husband and I are both freaking out and she’s like, ‘Meh.'”

Lylah surely got so lucky just at the age of 4.

Cary, Almas and their two kids, Lylah and a 2-year-old Luca had came to the game from their nearby home in Clawson.

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