​Kevin Durant went undercover after selecting Warriors

In Las Vegas, at the Team USA camp, Kevin Durant talked to the reporters about how he feels following his decision of heading to Golden State, leave Oklahoma City.
He seems more comfortable in bed than to go out and face the change.
He stated:

“For a few days after, I didn’t leave my bed, because I was like, ‘If I walk outside somebody might just hit me with their car, or say anything negative to me.’ Like I said, I never had this reputation, and so many people who don’t even watch basketball are telling me congratulations and good luck going forward. Its crazy how big I got and how big this got. I mean, I’ve been somewhere for so long, and then to make a change like that, which nobody knew was coming, that nobody didn’t think I would do, of course I didn’t know how it would be received afterward. But at some point, I just said, ‘Look, man, life goes on. Life moves on, and I can’t hide forever,’ so I just had to face it.”

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