Manchester United's women kit

Manchester United’s new kit maker Adidas has shielded cases that the neck area on the ladies’ version of the home shirt is sexist and unseemly for football.

The shirt, a copy of the men’s variant except for the observably lower angular neck area, pulled in feedback after the dispatch on Friday night. Some female fans even posted their pictures after wearing the shirt:

Fan posing in Sexist Adidas jersey

Manchester United Women's kit by one of the fans

Man Utd female kit by one of the fans

‘Adidas gives a grown-up shirt which is a copy of what the players wear,’ said a representative for the organization.

‘In light of examination from fans, we likewise offer a ladies’ shirt as a feature of our way of lifestyle range of items. This range has a marginally distinctive plan and fit to give fans a choice.’

The Adidas line of United merchandise is a piece of a record £750million bargain that follows a 13-year association with Nike.

Twitter users from both sides of Manchester hit out at the configuration of the shirt taking after the prominent midnight launch.

Manchester City fan Anna Kappa tweeted: ‘First @ManUtd can’t be bothered to have a grown-up ladies’ team & now the #sexist ladies’ shirt!

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