Adidas X, Ace & Messi

Discuss “all in or nothing”. Beginning a week from now, Adidas will be completely living to their #allin mantra by retiring each of their silos in Pakistan. Bye, Predator. Sayonara, F50. Peace, 11Pro. Tear, Nitrocharge. X, Ace and Messi are the route forward. The 3 new styles have been launched globally and most buyers have said that they are the best football shoes launched by Adidas.

The thought behind this monstrous and radical footwear redesign is that the game is changing and adidas must lead the way. Bayern chief Pep Guardiola’s words appear to be the topic here: “It’s chaos or control. You require both”. X, Ace & Messi will be the physical encapsulation of each of these styles.

While numerous may discredit the passing of the exemplary Predator or their adored 11Pro, Adidas is instructing you to overlook all that you thought about football. This constrains you to reconsider how you pick your boots, which could end up being eminent or grievous for the Three Stripes. It’s a wild bet, a jump into the void, however that is the thing that makes Adidas ceaselessly significant after such a long time. Indeed, even as Nike’s terrific development more than once sends the boot world into a furor, Adidas won’t rest. This is verification of that. Presently we hold up to see what’s on the horizon.

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ACE 15: Control Everything



X 15: Cause Chaos 



MESSI 15: Built to Win!




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