Peshawar Zalmi announces 2.5 Million Rupees for the Boxing Champ, Waseem

The Silver Flyweight Champion, Muhammad Waseem the boxer is very much disappointed by the federal and the Balochistan Government, as he said that both the Governments promised to award him and support him financially, but after he received the Medals several times, they did not even bother to call him. By such act, the Boxing champion is very much disappointed by both the Governments, but Javed Afridi (The owner of a PSL team, Peshawar Zalmi, announced 2.5 Million Rupees for the Champ).

We should support our heroes and give them respect as they are doing a lot for our nation which many of us can’t even imagine. We thank Mr. Muhammad Waseem for bringing home the Medals and making us proud!

News and Picture Courtesy – Dawn Sports

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