Cris Cyborg is not happy as the UFC made featherweight title fight without herCris Cyborg is not included in the 145 pound title fight. Not competing for the inaugural featherweight title in the UFC made her really unhappy.

Last week the UFC president Dana White said that he offered Cyborg two different opportunities at UFC 208 in February and UFC 209 in March, to compete for the belt, but she turned down both of them.

Whereas, Cyborg says did not turn them down, instead, she only asked for a slightly later date in March so that her body could recover after suffering through a brutal weight cut for her last fight in the UFC where she competed at 140 pounds.

And now, Cyborg believes that the title fight decision is nothing more than White’s personal slight to her. She believes he has always held a grudge against her.

Cyborg told FOX Sports:
“It’s no surprise to me, it has always been personal between Dana and me.
I agreed to fight Holly at UFC Brasilia (in March) and had no problem fighting her for the first belt, I just asked them to give me a date in March.

Dana White spent 10 years telling fans there was no one for me to fight, but now he finds a girl who is 0-2 and another who hasn’t fought at 145 (pounds) in half a decade to fight for the belt, instead of waiting to promote the fight when I’m healthy.”

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Cyborg believes that this is just another try to usurp her claim as the top featherweight fighter in the world, which she held uncontested for eight years.

She said:
“This was a personal decision about Dana White not wanting to promote me.
If my last fight was at 145 (pounds) I would not have needed the extra time for recovery.”

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