On Wednesday, Game 1 is scheduled in Ottawa.
In the first round of 2017 Stanley Cup Playoff, the Bruins will be facing the Ottawa Senators.
The NHL announced the dates and starting times on Sunday night, for all eight first round matchups.

Bruins talked about the excitement for the postseason, Captain Zdeno Chara said:
“Everybody’s obviously excited to be back in the playoffs. I think that excitement and energy will ball up more towards next week. I think this team’s been through obviously some up and downs throughout the whole season and that we showed that we created some identity and built some resiliency.

It’s exciting. For most of the guys in the room it’s going to be the first experience of NHL Playoffs but at the same time, everybody has to go through it for first time. It’s going t be good.”

David Backes said:
Whoever it is, we need to erase our minds and get a game plan in there that’s going to work against whoever we’re playing and then go execute it and just play harder than the guy across from you.
I love our group and we’re going to have a few days here to prep and get it together and then go out there and play.”

Chara said:
“We’re going to have some meetings and we’re going to get ready.”
On asking about any special preparations heading into the playoffs, he replied:
“I think that everybody has to get ready themselves; they have to realize what they have to do to be in the zone for the playoffs and it’s not necessarily that you have to have one-on-one meetings or kind of special meetings for that. You just need to know that it’s an important part of the year.”

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