Inam Martial Art Academy Gym FitnessThis year one after another, all of the 7 athletics representing Pakistan in Rio Olympics dropped off. Sports other than Cricket have been neglected or not getting the attention they deserve, not from government, not from corporate nor media hence creating worst results in international competitions.

Fans and supporters are trying to keep games like hockey, boxing and martial arts alive. Recently ARY network organized a week long Hockey tournament which met great success at Sattar Edhi Stadium. Amir Khan is trying to do his best for improving our boxers.

Founder Kyokushin Karate in Pakistan Shihan Inam Ullah Khan copyNow ForiFix is joining the efforts by organizing a martial art competition at Inam Martial Art Academy Gym & Fitness Center. Kyokushin Karate Belt Promotion event is a tribute to Shihan Inamullah Khan Sahib, the founder of Kyokushin Karate in Pakistan.

Shihan Inamullah Khan Sahib known as the man who wore the “Dogi” (The white Karate uniform) all his life to show his respect to the art and dedicated completely to promote Karate.  He raised International champs one after the other to represent Pakistan.

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“Come and meet the unbeatable Champion of Pakistan’s Kyokushin Karate! ForiFix team proudly presents Kyokushin Karate Belt Promotion Test and Prize Distribution Ceremony at Inam Martial Arts Academy, Gizri, Karachi on 17th & 19th August, 2016.

If you are a Karate enthusiast and have the passion to promote sportsmanship of Karachi, then join us to applaud, celebrate and promote our Karate Champs to make Pakistan proud in the Kyokushin Karate fraternity!”


Inam Martial Art Academy Gym & Fitness Center
217, Gizri Avenue Road, Karachi, Pakistan – 74200

Phone: 0333 2293578

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