Jose Mourinho calls for video technology following Zlatan Ibrahimovic's disallowed goalAfter Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s disallowed goal against Everton, Manchester United’s boss, Jose Mourinho, called for video technology to help the match officials.
Replays showed him being marginally onside. Mourinho did not criticise the linesman for their decision, but did call for the use of video technology.

Mourinho told BT Sport:
“They fought until the last second and we should win 2-1 because it wasn’t offside.
It’s difficult for the linesman and I’m not criticising him at all. When it comes in, it will help linesmen and referees.

It will be welcomed by everyone, especially them [the officials]. For them it is not good when they make mistakes.”

He further added:
“The performance was not very good. The spirit in the second half was phenomenal with some players really in trouble – some physically, some others with their confidence level.

I have belief that we will play better in some other matches.

We had chances, we hit the post as always. The opposition goalkeeper played very well as always. The opposition were ultra defensive as always.
But we didn’t play very well.”

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