Jose Mourinho’s remarks on Zlatan Ibrahimovic being far better than Michael OwenJose Mourinho has criticized Michael Owen while comparing him with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He said, Ibrahimovic could score more goals just in one season than Michael Owen would manage to score in three.

While talking to Jake Humphrey on BT Sport , The Manchester United boss claimed that the former Red Devils striker did not like the Swedish forward.

Mourinho also mentioned the scores that at Old Trafford, Owen only managed to score 17 goals in three seasons, whereas Ibrahimovic, who has already bagged 13 in all competitions, can score them all in one.

Mourinho said:
“Zlatan is almost there in six months so he is not a bad choice for us.”
On responding to Mourinho’s comments, Owen said:
“Managers are getting awfully touchy,” before explaining what sparked the remark.

He also said that the Swedish striker was not the “long term” replacement up front for United and that the club will ultimately have to look for the ‘next best thing’ instead of looking for someone coming towards the end of their career.

Owen while responding directly to the Portuguese, said:
“I think my goals were of more value to Man United, because I cost about 10 per cent of what Zlatan is on a week.”

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