Jubilee Insurance 41st National Snooker Championship 2016 started on Monday in Karachi

13-day event attracted 52 cueists including nation’s finest and the winner will take One Lac Pakistani rupees home while other top players will be sharing from Rs. 272,000 worth of prize money.

Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Sajjad, Mohammad Bilal, Shahram Changezi, Mohammad Majid Ali, Babar Masih, Shahid Aftab and Sharjeel Mahmood, the top eight cueists of the country, began their campaign for the new calendar year on a happy note, as did the quartet of Sultan Mohammad, Rambail Gul, Abdul Sattar and Imran Shahzad, the other ranked cueists who earned direct qualification into the event.

Complete results and progress is on to following link. http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/98622-Jubilee-Insurance-National-Snooker-begins-with-a-bang

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