unique karachi tour on bicycles by chain reaction pakistan

Cycling is great hobby, it is healthy, cost effective and environment friendly and it allows cyclist to aware and enjoy his or her surroundings.

On morning of Friday 25th December, Chain Reaction Pakistan is arranging this Mega Cycling event in city of Quaid-e-Azam, Karachi and every cyclist is invited. I will just copy the words from their Facebook Event Page.

Karachi is a beautiful city. This large-scale bicycling event invites the whole of Karachi on a cool and windy Friday morning on a unique Karachi tour on bicycles, to experience this beautiful metropolitan city in a new light.

Chain Reaction Pakistan has collaborated with Karachi Metropolitan Corporation with regards to permission and complete arrangements for this mega event.

We’ve hired a big team of professional photographers and videographers who will be documenting this historical event for Karachi. Special Quadcopters and drone cameras are being brought in to catch aerial shots of everyone riding the bikes.

There is no registration fee. The objective behind this event is to promote unity and wellness, encouraging Karachi residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is a feel-good affair, to enjoy the cold weather, accept the challenge and test one’s endurance as one big united group. Everyone is welcome.

We will be accompanied by police vans for security backup, ambulances for medical backup, cycle mechanic for mechanical backup, and an army of traffic police wardens to help ward off cars far away from cyclists while riding on the road.

Ride will start from Frere Hall Karachi at 7:15 am InshaAllah on Friday Dec 25th

It will officially end at the beautiful Safari Park (approx 19-20 kms journey). A short award ceremony at Safari Park, will be followed by light refreshments. Special shuttle service (free of cost) will take you and your bicycles back to Frere Hall in case you do not wish to ride back.

And yes, there will be FREE water available throughout the journey.

Helmets mandatory!

Let’s have a great ride together, InshAllah.

PUBLIC LINK of this event here https://www.facebook.com/events/1661042880852236/


Please ensure that you are in good health before participating and understand that there is risk involved in biking on road. You can get hurt. As event organizers we assume absolutely no responsibility for you. We are simply “ride buddies”, nothing more. If you choose to participate, you assume all responsibility for yourself and your equipment and agree not to hold anyone liable in any way. Also, please adhere to the following:

• This event is free. Just show up with your bike at the venue on time, and start riding with us.
• Always wear a helmet when biking.
• This ride is not for the absolute newbie. Please join only if you know how to ride a bicycle.
• If you have toolkit, pump, or first aid kit, bring them.
• Learn and use standard hand signals for group rides.
• Make sure your cycle is in good running condition so we don’t have to stop the whole group for one person’s flat or deflated tyre.
• In case your bike has a flat tire or some other problem, please be prepared to catch a cab or tuk-tuk and proceed to base. We will not be able to halt the whole group for individual issues.

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