Liverpool stopper Loris Karius’s new girlfriendThe 23 year old Loris Karius has been dating a new girlfriend, Pamela Reif, since November, who is a social media celebrity, a fitness guru.

He had a recent two-year relationship split up with another 22 year old German fashion model Annelie Alpert.

The 20 year old blonde, Pamela Reif has her own personal fitness website and more than 2.7 million followers on social media, making her one of the Germany’s most influential social media personality.

She started this from the age of 15 and now is said to be one of the five most popular German celebrities online.

Reif said:
“I get an incredible amount of feedback. People write me that they started with sport because of me. Guys tell me that their girlfriends started training with me because they love me.”


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