Oppo Partnerships with FC Barcelona

Oppo, a smartphone company known for their stylish designs and camera is about to go big with FC Barcelona. A partnership deal has been sealed and signed between Oppo and FC Barcelona (for possibly 3 years) and Star Footballers from FC Barcelona such as Messi, will be appearing with Oppo handsets. Team members and players will also be wearing Oppo’s logo and probably the clever smartphone company will do more than that.

Oppo is still a growing brand in Pakistan but they have been shipping to 20 other countries in Australia, Middle East, Mexico, China, South Asia and Africa. This partnership deal with FC Barcelona is part of their global marketing and expansion plan.

Oppo Logo“The company chose FC Barcelona not only because of their status as a global iconic football club, but also because they represent the art of football. The partnership with FC Barcelona will be an important step in OPPO’s global marketing strategy. “-Tony Chen, CEO, Oppo


FC Barcelona Logo“OPPO is a global leading smartphone brand known for its exquisite product design and state-of-the-art camera technologies,. We are more than happy to welcome OPPO to our family and hope this partnership can bring us closer to our supporters all over the world.”-Ignacio Mestre, CEO, FC Barcelona


Oppo DisplayWill this partnership helps Oppo securing good market share in Pakistan too?

Perhaps not directly since football scene is not a household trend here. However gaining a better image and sales globally could draw public attention to Oppo in Pakistan too. But it will take some time and by then Oppo will be facing tough competition from Haier, a company which already integrated their name with Cricket.




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