Lyari, home of sportsmen, from cycling to boxing to football are stepping up their game with this new Balochi Rap video album ‘Players Of Lyari’. “Straight Outta Lyari – Pakistan’s fiercest football scene told through the defiance of Balochi rap.”

Players of Lyari SongIt is an entertaining video with good performance all around, but ‘Players of Lyari’ is more than a song. The video shows grooming of players from their early age till they had to give up their dreams due to corruption or other political unrests.

Song: Player of Lyari – L.U.G (Lyari UnderGround) RapperZ and Dynoman


Video: Directed, shot and edited by Maazin Kamal (
Video: Produced by Asadullah Baloch
Video: Color by Shaun Ansari (
Vocals recorded at: Aikman Road Studios
Special Thanks: Lyari Underground, Fazal Hameed, Kamaal Khan and Fawzia Naqvi.

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