PTI in KPK Government a Hope for Sports to be Back in Schools

How much supportive the running government of Pakistan is and the one before was toward sports? We don’t need to repeat the obvious. Sports on every level have been neglected for past several years and the trend continues. Play grounds turned into loot-grounds, available for illegal land grabbers powerful enough to claim as their property and sold away piece by piece.

In schools, we hardly see any good team of students under proper management any more. Fear of street-crimes and terrorism took outdoor sports activities to minimum. Legends reduced to be entertainers instead of inspiration as national heroes, they failed in transferring sportsman sprite  to youngsters and overcrowded channels on TV reduced sports viewership only to hardcore fans, resulting less interaction between public and players.

And then there are powerful smartphones and tablets in most affordable prices did the rest by bounding kids to the couches.

In result sports in Pakistan suffers, in fact it is safe to say Pakistan suffers due to lack of sports and physical activities among kids and young or elders. Whatever sport is left is because of our stronger past in the field and people’s own motivation. Players are forced to play without getting paid, but they are playing for the love of Pakistan.

Sports are more than play. Sports are as important and beneficial to a child’s training as education. A person learns to control negative emotions, learns teamwork, learns discipline, learns to be competitive but through the right way, learns to appreciate opponents and learns to accept defeats. Most importantly one learns how to get up again to be better and to be ready to compete again. A healthier and active body is one of direct impacts, which of course helps in having a brighter mind, making a person more positive and productive member of society.

Poster PTI Government KPK Sports Kit for StudentsIn such chaotic times, one provincial government, under the leadership of great legendary sportsman of Pakistan, Imran Khan and team is trying to bring sports back in schools alongside of strong education policy in one province. We hope other provinces follow the same.

In Khyber Pakhtoon Khowah, one of the most challenging provinces of Pakistan, the ruling party Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) starts distributing sports kits to school students.

According to their announcement 5,000 schools are given Rs.100,000 each for sports kit and equipments so far. Building playgrounds in schools and providing supervision to students in sports and equipment are part of their policies too. Although the leadership is a cricket expert but the policy is not limited to cricket. “We have also formed the Independent Monitoring Unit to keep a check on the workings of education department and schools.” Muhammad Atif Khan told the media.

KPK has great hidden talents, which thanks to Internet we get to see every now and then, and after these initiatives, we hope to see a positive result from KPK in field of sports sooner rather than later.

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