The proud coach of 3 Gold medalist girls from Pakistan, Rashed Muhammad Malik becomes the 4th Pakistani Powerlifter to win Good medal in Asian Bench Press Championship 2015 in Muscat, Oman. Rashed won his Gold medal in 105kg category.

With Rashed, his fellow powerlifters Nadeem Hashmi claimed a Bronze medal in 105kg class and Mahmood Heera won Silver in 120kg.

In 93kg event Sohail Butt also collected a Bronze for Pakistan.

Coach and Gold medalist Rashed Muhammad couldn’t be any more happier than this from the performances of his fellow team members. In this most successful first tour, the team of seven athletes won 7 medals including 4 Gold ones.

These winning help Pakistan to qualify for 2016 World Classic Powerlifting Championships in India next year in January.

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