Russell's black bat banned - Cricket AustraliaPreviously,  Andre Russell’s black bat was approved during the Sydney Thunder’s first match of the tournament, but now, the black bat has been banned from the Big Bash League by Cricket Australia.

The reason of approval withdrawn is that the bat discovered to be leaving visible marks on the ball.

Anthony Everard, head of the BBL said:
“The match officials provided feedback to Cricket Australia that the bat used by Andre left black marks on the match ball.

As a result, we have decided to withdraw our approval for Andre to use the bat that was used last night as the colour solution used by the manufacturer was discolouring the ball.
Should Andre, or any other BBL or WBBL player for that matter, wish to use a bat with a different colouring solution to the one used last night that doesn’t result in the discolouration of the match ball, they will be permitted to do so subject to Cricket Australia being satisfied that the bat won’t compromise the integrity of the game, which we believe discolouring the match ball does.”

The law was confirmed by an MCC spokesman, who stated the relevant Law is 6.6(d) which says:
“The surface of the blade may be treated with non-solid materials to improve resistance to moisture penetration and/or mask natural blemishes in the appearance of the wood. Save for the purpose of giving a homogeneous appearance by masking natural blemishes, such treatment must not materially alter the colour of the blade.”

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