Fans can see what others cannot and their reactions are often adorable and entertaining to a 3rd person. Admit it, we all have been there, justifying our favorites. Serena Williams’ fans slammed by a rather surprising upset when she was on her way to create a history of her own.

Serena Williams, the top tennis female player lost a major game to relatively nameless Vinci.

Roberta Vinci dropped Williams out of the race in US Open when Williams was only a game away to become 6th player who win all 4 Grand Slams in a year. Vinci took that away from her by beating her in 3 sets.

Doesn’t matter how Serena sees this, her fans instantly turned on to Drake – Serena’s boyfriend. Drake was there to support Williams but fans were not happy to see him among the crowd since the beginning. After losing game, they called him her bad luck charm and a distraction!

On other hand, Vinci earned a huge fans base of her own who praised her for her game play and sportsmanship spirit.

Fans said what’s in their hearts, time to see what Serena will decide!

Fan Tweets against Drake for Serena lost Fan Tweets against Drake for Serena lost

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