Shane Carwin coming back but not for UFCShane Carwin, a former elite heavyweight fighter has planned a return to MMA.
On Wednesday, on The UG, he confirmed his comeback in a post, it’s just that the return is not going to be with the UFC.

Previously, Carwin’s contract was with the UFC, but for now, he stated that he would attempt to compete elsewhere and the decision is mutually done.

He wrote:

“I look forward to freely speaking with the other MMA promotions.”

The 41 year old fighter further told that his Media management team reviewed his contract with him and also spoke with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva as well as the promotion’s legal team, but things could not settle between the two, which ended up in parting ways after a mutual decision.

He said:

“We decided mutually that my value and what I bring to the Heavyweight Division will be better utilized elsewhere.”

For two or three years, Carwin has been one of the most fearsome heavyweights in the world. On his return, he would not be considered too old to compete, as many ranked heavyweights in the UFC are still competing at a high level and they are far past 35 years.

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