Shoaib Akhtar regarded as one of the fastest bowler cricket ever produced. Nicknamed after the city he was born “Rawalpindi Express” and Express because of fast-bowling.
Once made his debut in 1997, no one was able to stop his aggression. His aggressive mentality and attitude led to him many controversies but on ground that attitude always favored Pakistan Cricket team.


From the moment Shoaib emerged on the scene in the late 90s, the world knew it was in for some career. First there was the extreme pace and then there was the attitude. Shoaib was the fastest bowler in the world, he knew it and he made sure others get to know it too. He was a natural successor to the legacy of Imran, Wasim and Waqar. But that he will end his career an ‘if only’ or a ‘could have been’ is the great tragedy. He had it all and he blew it.


He has bowled at speeds of 161.3kph, 160kph, 159kph and 158.4kph. He faced heavier fines, fight with the team-mates, career ending injuries and doping charges which shortened his career but he faced them and stool tall. He holds the record of fastest delivery against England in 2003 world cup.


He will always be remembered for his ruthless bowling and aggressive attitude which made him one of the best striking bowlers. Although he had a sad ending but Rawalpindi Express can never be forgotten as brighter star of Golden Pakistani Cricket era.

source (Cricinfo)

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