Louis van Gaal’s scandalously grating identity has seen him drop out with players and managers in each and every nation he has worked in.

Truth be told, Pedro’s late judgment of the Dutchman’s treatment of Victor Valdes shows he is notwithstanding rankling players he has no contact with.

From his initial days as a player to his surprising trouser-dropping tricks at Bayern Munich, Van Gaal has ended up being a standout amongst the most harsh men in football.

Here, we take a gander at some of his greatest quarrels.

Mark Van Bommel and LVG had a bad relation at Bayern

Mark van Bommel

The two Dutchmen didn’t get on at Bayern Munich and Van Bommel let for AC Milan from the get-go in Van Gaal’s rule.

“I had a little issue with him in 2010 in December,” said the midfielder. “Possibly I could have settled down and let it go. In any case, that is the way I am. That is my character and it was his character also.”

Luca Toni and Van Gaal had a couple of rows

Luca Toni

Another star who had difficulty with Van Gaal’s stay at Bayern. In spite of Toni having been top scorer for the two seasons preceding Van Gaal’s landing, he discovered himself entrusted to the bench.

Toni later said: “The way Van Gaal treated the key players was unworthy on a human premise.”

Rivaldo left Barcelona as Van Gaal in came as Manager


The pair dropped out amid Van Gaal’s two spells at Barcelona. The Brazilian was in the end discharged from his agreement by him. “I don’t care for Van Gaal and he doesn’t care for me,” said Rivaldo.

Van Gaal additionally dropped out with the Catalan press over his treatment of Rivaldo.

Stoichkov getting wared by LVG and Mourinho

Hristo Stoichkov

Like Rivaldo, Stoichkov discovered appearances difficult to find under Van Gaal at Barcelona.

“He’s average. He annihilated Barca and is pulverizing Man United.” Stoichkov said. “With what he has done to [Victor] Valdes he has indicated he is a terrible individual.”

Louis Van Gaal shows Robin Van Persie the bench

Robin van Persie

A rough begin to their relationship really bloomed into Van Persie being named Dutch commander under Van Gaal. Yet, their relationship soured at Manchester United and the previous Arsenal forward was in the end solidified out and constrained into a move to Turkey with Fenerbahce. Van Persie’s separating message to United was a not really inconspicuous burrow at Van Gaal.

He said: “I profoundly value the work of Ed Woodward in this exchange. He was the man who was exceptionally classy in this. A true gentleman.”

Chicarito leaves United and thanks everyone except LVG

Javier Hernandez

Like Van Persie, Hernandez was solidified out at United and distinctly overlooked Van Gaal from his farewell message to the club.

“I need to express gratitude toward Sir Alex Ferguson & Jim Lawlor, the club staff, every one of the players I played with,” said Hernandez.

Di Maria's initial good days with LVG

Angel Di Maria

Van Gaal broke the British exchange record to sign Di Maria from Real Madrid however sold him at an impressive misfortune after only one season

“Van Gaal has his theory and one of the things that made me need to leave is that,” said Di Maria.

“It is hard to adjust to Van Gaal. I had a couple of rows with him.”

Victor Valdes hits back at LVG on twitter

Victor Valdes

Valdes signed for United in January last season however showed up under Van Gaal.

The Dutchman said of Valdes: “He doesn’t take follow my philosophy. There is no spot for somebody like that.”

Rafael said Van Gaal didn't like him because he was Brazilian


The Brazilian defender was getting a charge out of a promising profession at United before Van Gaal’s landing in Old Trafford. He was sold to Lyon this mid year.

“I realize that he didn’t care for me,” said Rafael. “In any case, if that is on the grounds that I’m Brazilian, I don’t have the foggiest idea. I was going admirably, then Ferguson left. That change was lethal for me.”

Cruyff and Van Gaal have a bad chemistry

Johan Cruyff

Apparently the most notorious, Van Gaal’s quarrel with Cruyff has traversed decades and clubs. While there careers have been quite similar, but their methods of insight are not.

As Cruyff once (carefully) put it: “We have a bad chemistry.”

Van Gaal and Koeman at Barcelona

Ronald Koeman

Koeman was Manager of Ajax when Van Gaal was executive of football. It didn’t end well. Koeman blamed his partner for more than once undermining him and exceeding his transmit. It’s a contention that is yet to completely settle.

Koeman said last season: “In England there is this incredible convention where the Managers drink a glass of wine together after the match. With Louis, that failed twice last season.”

Guy Thys was Van Gaal's coach

Guy Thys

Van Gaal played under fabulous Belgian administrator Guy Thys at Royal Antwerp, yet the duo persevered through a tumultuous relationship.

Van Gaal later said of Thys: “I didn’t rate him as a mentor. Likely in light of the fact that he put me on the bench over and over again.”

Hugo Sanchez bashes LVG for his treatment of Hernandez

Hugo Sanchez

The previous Real Madrid star never played under Van Gaal yet was offended at his late treatment of Javier Hernandez.

“Van Gaal settled on an awful choice – and it’s not one he’s done for the first time, he’s done it 50,000 times,” Sanchez said.

“I’ve coached and a mentor can’t do that to their own particular player. What a scounderel.”

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