Rise and Fall of Pakistani Cricket by Farhat RabiaDisclaimer: I am not an expert nor a cricketer! I am just a fan who follows cricket with a passion and identifies herself with the wins and losses of our team.

Cricket was always a huge discussion topic and at home while growing up. My father an avid cricket fan followed all matches and in the end so did the family on the end. Cricket for us growing up was Imran Khan, Vivian Richards, Malcolm Marshall, Lillie, Majid Khan, Miandad, Gawaskar, Gooch, Zaheer Abbas and many more such legends! Cricket formidable team were the West Indies! I remember thinking how the hell do these men face their giants and menacing bowlers! Their batsmen were as formidable as the wall of China!

Then came Imran Khan and the rest is history! With him we rose to the pinnacle of popularity and class! For me Imran was the Captain we will never have again! Highly doubt it!

Years passed by and then one fine day we were stranded alone in the world of cricket, literally the cornered tigers! We could not play cricket in our own country home grounds because of the unfortunate attack on the Sri Lankas team. Heartbreaking for Pakistanis all around the world. Disbelief. Loss. The stadiums grew quiet and forlorn. It took a desolated look until some form of domestic cricket was played in them. Then came the shameful indictment of the trio! No need to name them as we know them very well. Pakistan had to rebuild their attack and their team anew!

A new day in Pakistan cricket!

Pakistan is finally crowned as World No 1 in ICC Test Ranking! Goosebumps? Overwhelmed? Jubilant? Screaming? You bet!!! No other country truly knows what it means to us as it does to Pakistan!!! We have not played any internal cricket in 6 years! Out stadiums miss the roar and fanfare of international cricket! Our teams miss the cheer of their fans and most importantly we miss watching our heroes make their centuries and 5ers!!

So we finally did it! Unbelievable? Hell no!! Pakistan has been fighting the alone and winning silently and chipping away to the No1 rank slowly yet surely!

The rebirth of our Test team came in 2012 when we whitewashed England, No 1 ranked test team!

Even England didn’t know what hit them! The team headed by Misbah the team just decimated England!

Fast forward to England in 2016! With the nightmare series of 2010 in our minds, we played the first test in Lords! We won it and then after losing 2 more tests we won at Oval comprehensively!! We drew a series after 2001!

As soon as we drew the series and talk about becoming World No1 came up with permutations!

Nothing could hamper this jubilation and celebration!! We are World no. 1!!!! Thank you Team Pakistan!! Thank you Misbah!!! Thank you for your determination, steadiness and calmness! As much as I am your critic in ODIs I cannot take away your contribution & captaincy in Test cricket!

Thank you and the team for making us dream again and making us feel at the top of the world!

We rule the world once more!! Pakistan Zindabad!

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