Ahmed Shahzad says he should not be compared with Virat Kohli

Ahmed Shehzad has denied affirmations of being claimed as undisciplined or having mentality issues in last night’s interview on Geo Sports.

“My motto is to appreciate cricket and I like playing cricket with a feeling of flexibility and delight.

“I like to dress well, eat well and am bit of an actor and I think, on the off chance that you don’t have attitude you can’t be a more than a normal expert sportsman,” said Shehzad.

“Yet, to say that I am undisciplined or have discipline issues is not right. I have my own particular style and I like to appreciate life yet that does not mean I am not a team man, professional or I don’t regard my colleagues.

“Numerous impressions about me are wrong,” he said.

Notwithstanding his cases however, after the World Cup 2015, head coach Waqar Younis and ODI skipper Misbahul Haq had proposed dropping Shehzad because of disciplinary issues. At the point when addressed about this, Shehzad asked whether anybody had really completely gone over the report.

“There are parcel of conjunctions about the report and some misconception. Clearly they are contrasts and issues in a team which is similar to a family. In any case, that does not mean I am not restrained.

“Why they documented that report is something they can answer best,” said Shehzad.

At the point when addressed about the diligent comparison with Virat Kohli, Shehzad did not attempt to conceal his dismay.

“There is no comparison; he plays for India I play for Pakistan. He has his own aspirations, I have mine.

“What’s more, I am certain when I have played the quantity of ODIs and Tests that he has played I would have additionally accomplished a great deal.

“In any case, at this time I have played only 70 he has played twofold that figure so examinations ought not be made by the media.”

Shehzad said that he had learnt from his past errors and had enhanced through them.

He additionally said that despite the fact that there was weight on every one of the adolescents in the group to perform well, he and others like Umar Akmal and Asad Shafiq were inspected more closely. He added that he might want to be dealt with as a 23-24 year-old adolescent and not as 28 to 30-year-old in the group because of his experience.

“At whatever point I perform on the pitch, I simply need my team management to recollect that I am still only 23 years and judge my exhibitions on that.”

The youth, who is credited with playing in 11 Tests and 70 ODIs so far in his profession, uncovered he had been disheartened by his avoidance from the series Pakistan played against Zimbabwe in Lahore.

Zimbabwe’s visit to Pakistan not long ago denoted, the first time a foreign team had visited Pakistan in six years.

“Yes most likely that was a mistake to not to get the chance to play before my home crowd however ideally that chance will come soon,” he said.

Shehzad said that amongst every one of the three formats of cricket, Test cricket was his favourite and one which he wanted to vanquish by playing no less than 100 Tests

“I simply feel that the difficulties you confront in a Test they don’t come in alternate arrangements which have their own difficulties. Playing 100 Tests is my just desire.”

The 23-year-old said that he appreciated a decent association with the veteran individuals from the group and the administration including the head coach.

Ahmed Shahzad had initial problems with Waqar Younis

“At first I had an alternate standpoint yet now subsequent to having seen the diligent work put in by Waqar bhai and the other honing staff I regard them and their endeavors.

“There is no doubt that Waqar has presented inspiration in the group and we have been advised all the time to simply go and play forceful cricket however sensibly without making a fuss over the pitch conditions or the adversaries.

Shehzad likewise discussed his batting style and said that despite the fact that his first sense was to play forcefully, experience had taught him to agreeable his manner.

“I work a ton more on my method and mental standpoint now. In the wake of being hit by that Corey Anderson bouncer a year ago against New Zealand, I worked hard to locate the right body parity while playing short pitched balls and it has given me more certainty.”

“I am satisfied by my Test batting average of about 44 however might want to enhance my ODI average of 35 and my general strike rate.

“I am certain with the progression of time these midpoints will enhance and there will be more hundreds in the upcoming years also,” said Shehzad.

Shehzad included that as a vocation objective he might want to imitate the achievements of unbelievable Younus Khan and Inzamamul Haq.

“Younus, I appreciate and regard a ton in light of the fact that in spite of every one of his exhibitions he is exceptionally sensible and lets his bat do the talking. I have an alternate identity, I am all the more cordial however Younus is a good example for us.”

Shahid Afridi is like my big brother - Ahmed Shahzad

As to abundantly discussed association with the ostentatious all-rounder Shahid Afridi, the batsman said he was similar to a senior sibling and coach to him.

“As a captain, Shahid bhai is more forceful and thinks out about the cap and once in a while he succeeds and sometimes he falls flat. In correlation, Misbahul Haq as commander is even more a fastidious planner and insightful.”

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