Cricket is a team sport and you have to be extra ordinary to play in your national team because it’s quite difficult to select 11 men out of millions.

Every Pakistani kid rose with a bat and ball. We play cricket in our homes, in our schools, in colleges, in universities, on roads, in the grounds and etc, let’s just say we find places to play cricket.
Sometimes there are some players who basically are not god gifted but their hard work is so powerful that they beat every single difficulty they find in their path.
This is the story of 2 players, totally different from each other yet the most respected men for their nation.
If I have to sum it up the lesson they both taught I would say hard work and never give up.
Younis khan and misbah ul haq are 2 most powerful names of Pakistan cricket of the last decade. They both were not god gifted players but surely they are the hardest working players you will see in Pakistan cricket.


I was 13 years old when younis made his debut in test and one day cricket and I still remember his first matches, made a century in test debut and made 46 runs in his debut odi.
In the presence of some of the greats like saeed anwer, Muhammad yousuf, inzimam ul haq and etc, it was very challenging for him to cement his place in the team but he did it very respectfully. He was always an under rated player till the time he reached the milestone no one ever did in Pakistan, Maiden 10000 runs by a Pakistani in test cricket. He was the captain when Pakistan won world t20 2009 in England and right after that he retired from t20s. He played test cricket for 17 long years but one thing that was different in him then the rest were his dedication and hard work. In order to become a legend you have to do what others cant and younis did that. Younis played for his country and he proved himself again and again that how worthy he is to be called LEGEND. If you want to learn one thing from younis khan it is HARD WORK.

He made his debut in 2001 when he was 27 years old but he was forgotten very quickly because at that time our middle order was strong. Imagine a player make his debut at the age of 27 and then after sometime he is not the part of them anymore, you will get dishearten, you may be thinking to quit cricket. In a country like Pakistan if you are 27 and you haven’t make it big in any sport then all you hear is to find an alternative profession, settle down and all this. But he was not an ordinary guy. He was misbah ul haq, a man with immense self believes and a living example of never give up no matter what.
We worked so hard, so hard that selectors eventually had to call him back for world t20 2007 at the age of 33. And since 2007 he never looked back, first he played t20s then he was selected in odis and test and then he was made captain our test team in the most difficult times ever. Misbah ul haq lead Pakistan in odi after the retirement of shahid afridi and he made Pakistan world no.1 team despite Pakistan cannot play any cricket on home soil. Weather I agree with his batting style or not, weather I agree with his captaincy or not. Misbah ul haq will always remain as the most successful captain in Pakistan test history and I will remember his lesson forever which is NEVER GIVE UP, DREAM DO COME TRUE.

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