Zlatan reading out Zlatan facts

We cherish Zlatan. You cherish Zlatan. Each football fan with a cerebrum adores Zlatan.

Zlatan favors every one of us with his exceptionally presence. Zlatan is not only a footballer. Zlatan is something else – a creature with such unbelievable stores of self-assurance, the ordinary guidelines of science and humankind don’t have any significant bearing to him.

That is the reason the fantastic @ZlatanFacts Twitter record is one of the best things on the web. With tongue immovably in cheek, they make a progression of apparently over the top articulations that portray Zlatan’s greateness, as:

“it’s impossible for Zlatan to ever have a heart attack. Nothing is stupid enough to attack Zlatan.#ZlatanFacts”

Yet, now – in a Bleacher Report feature that has made it all strangely, terrifyingly genuine – Zlatan is perusing out Zlatan Facts:


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