Will Maria Sharapova play Tennis againAccording to the Russian official, Maria Sharapova may not play again.

When tested positive for meldonium at January’s Australian Open, Maria Sharapova admitted that she was taking meldonium, as she was unaware about the ban, as the name of the drugs consumed by her was different, that is, ‘mildronate’.

When asked if the five-time Grand Slam winner would be able to play any more tournaments in the coming future,
Shamil Tarpishchev told R-Sport news agency it was “very doubtful” and was in a “bad situation”.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) for the time being suspended Sharapova on 12 March, but, Sharapova stated that she is “determined to play tennis again”.

The player is waiting for the full extent of her punishment, which could be a four-year ban, or, as the experts say, it could be a six-month or 12-month suspension.

The uncertainty about the time period is due to the World Anti-Doping Association (Wada) admitted in April that scientists were unsure about the time span that how long meldonium stayed in the system.

It even suggested that the bans could be avoided for athletes who tested positive for the substance before 1st March, if they had stopped taking it before 1st January.

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